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Additional Insured Request

Enter the information below and your certificate will be issued right away (incomplete info may cause delay) 

Additional Insured Request Sent

An Additional Insured Certificate Holder is a third party person or organization that receives some benefits under an insurance policy, along with the original named insured.

Additional Insured Certificates may only be requested by or with the authorization of the named insured.


It is the responsibility of the named insured and/or a certificate receiver to confirm that any work performed by the named insured is covered under the insured’s policy. It is the responsibility of the policy holder and/or a certificate receiver to confirm that any issued certificates or endorsements meet contract requirements. Many additional insured certificates are issued “as is” and may not have all terms or coverage required or requested. Please review all policies with legal counsel; as a certificate alone is not sufficient. MKS is not an insurance company, only the insurance company can confirm if specific work or endorsements are included in a policy. The recommended way to confirm coverage or certificate accuracy is to issue a Scheduled Additional Insured endorsement and then review the certificate, policies and endorsements with legal counsel.  Copies of policies and endorsements can be provided upon request. (Please contact our office in writing to issue a non-blanket scheduled AI endorsement).

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