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General Liability Insurance

General Liability (GL) is the first line of defense for any contracting business. GL provides protection from many of the common risks that can occur, such as bodily injury or property damage to a third party due to the business operations. GL also provides protection from personal and advertising injury claims, completed product claims, and medical expense claims.


GL typically excludes certain types of risks; include professional services, faulty workmanship and pollution liability. Separate insurance policies may be needed to cover all risks.


When purchasing GL make sure you know the limitations of your policy, review the endorsement list, find out the cost of common construction related endorsements, and always find out if the policy is:


  • An occurrence or manifestation form

  • Has a high A.M. Best financial strength rating

  • Limited by a sunset clause

  • Admitted or Non-Admitted

  • Limited or excluding coverage by special endorsements

  • Rated with the correct payroll, sub cost, and gross receipts

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